Deluxe Polygondwanaland/Aural Pleasure Records Cork Turntable Platter Mat


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NOTE: This is an open pre-order. All orders must be placed prior to Jan. 1st, 2022, at which point the mats will no longer be available for sale. Ya snooze ya lose, ya dig?
This cork mat is printed with a snazzy and simple presentation of the Aural Pleasure Records logo on one side, and the striking Polygondwanaland album art on the other, using the same dazzling UV-sensitive inks as could be seen on our original runs of slipmats. Turn on your blacklight and watch it glow!
Cork has long been considered an audiophile favorite due to several properties that make it an ideal material for a platter mat. It is gentle on the disc’s surface, yet provides enough friction to prevent the disc or mat from slipping, rather than promote it as is common with many slipmats (often included with turntables as a basic option, or intended for DJ use)
Cork also has anti-static properties, and physical properties that are suitable for dampening resonances from the turntable motor, as well as unwanted resonances generated externally or internally during playback.
Due to the way the natural cork material interacts with the inks in the dye sublimation printing process, colors and details may not appear as vibrant or defined as they do on felt/neoprene based slipmats, however I think this mat still provides a very appealing visual take on the album’s iconic cover art.
Whether you wanna show off your love for the Gizz, or rep your favorite new indie label – feel free to flip it over and switch it up as often as you’d like, and feel great knowing you’re also helping your turntable perform at it’s best.
All orders of mats ship with a FREE bonus mystery record!
Please note that this may take 4-6 weeks to ship due to the custom nature of the product.

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Dimensions 12 × 1 × 12 in


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