If you’re looking for great records, you’ve come to the right place! Aural Pleasure Records is dedicated to putting out the finest records possible, by lavishing extreme care and attention to detail on every aspect of production.

I intend to apply my own intimate knowledge of the mastering and pressing process to produce top quality records for every project I manage to work on. I believe I can provide a superior product, and I know I will be able to provide something you will be proud to have in your collection, for every record I put out.

Aural Pleasure Records will be produced to the highest quality standards, employing renowned mastering engineers and studios as deemed appropriate for each particular project. Aural Pleasure Records will be aggressively priced, as I strive to provide an incredible value for the money spent.

Aural Pleasure Records will maintain a strong focus on producing AAA audiophile-grade vinyl records, featuring all-analog mastering cut directly from the original master tapes. Complete transparency will be maintained in regards to sourcing and every step of production. This is unfortunately an absolute rarity and luxury in the current market, but I believe it should be the standard for how new records and reissues are produced.

Aural Pleasure Records will also maintain a strong focus on High-Resolution lossless digital, including FLAC downloads with vinyl purchases whenever possible.

Last, but not least… Aural Pleasure Records plans to cater to those who demand the ultimate in no-compromise analog performance by manufacturing limited releases on 15 IPS 1/4” reel to reel tape whenever possible.

Aural Pleasure Records will not be bound to any particular genre. Pop, classic rock, punk, classical, jazz, country, r&b, hip hop, soundtracks… The best record collections are eclectic collections. If I enjoy it, and I think it’s something you will enjoy, then it is something I will make an effort to release.

Aural Pleasure Records will not only focus on licensed recordings from established artists but will also work to showcase and support up and coming artists by providing an outlet for new releases. Many albums will be pressed and presented on vinyl for the very first time.

Aural Pleasure Records will be proudly made in the USA to the fullest extent possible, with each release supporting local economies and American manufacturing jobs.

Most importantly, I intend to maintain the close relationship I’ve built with the record collecting community over the years, not to mention the many studios, engineers and other labels I wish to maintain a close working relationship with. I believe this direct link of communication and interaction will be of great benefit to all of us.


Thank you for joining me on my mission to give some Aural Pleasure to everyone, I hope you enjoy.

– Dave

Aural Pleasure Records